Introducing Photoproofed

PhotoProofed™ is our market leading technology that captures the existing condition of your rental vehicle on camera. Drive away with the confidence that evidence of pre-existing damage has been captured before you collected your vehicle. Plus, you can add your own photos if you feel we missed something.

Available at all Apex car rental locations in Australia, PhotoProofed™ takes the guess work out of damage identification.


How Does it Work?

  • Before you arrive, 8 photos will be taken of your vehicle while it is being cleaned. We will take additional photos where relevant, of specific areas.
  • When you arrive, we will show these photos to you on our PhotoProofed device. You have the opportunity to sign off on these at the counter. They will then be emailed to you for reference.
  • After you’ve left the counter, you can view the photos via a link in the email. This is also your opportunity to upload your own photos if you think something has been missed.
  • After you return your rental, we will refer to these photos if necessary, to confirm when any damage occurred to the vehicle.
  • Images captured will use software to blur the background images such as other vehicles and registration plates, people and faces. This increases the level of security and privacy across all captured images.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I collect a vehicle after hours, or bypass the counter and go straight to my vehicle?

Please inspect the vehicle on collection. You can take photos that represent the current condition of the vehicle (ensure they are time and date stamped).

If you collect your vehicle after hours, Apex will email you the photos of the vehicle prior to the scheduled pick up time.

If you bypass the counter and go straight to your vehicle, before you leave the car park a customer service representative will show you the photos and can email you a copy for your own records.

What happens if I don’t receive the email?

We store all of the photos for you so there is always a record on file. If you would like someone to look over the car with you on collection, please ask a customer service representative for assistance.

If you would like a copy of the photos, but did not receive the email, please check your junk email folder first. If it is not there, contact the rental location and they can resend you a copy.

What happens if I do not have access to the internet to view the photos on vehicle collection?

You can take photos that represent the current condition of the vehicle (ensure they are date and time stamped). You can upload them later, when you have internet access. If you would like someone to look over the car with you on collection, please refer to a customer service representative.

What happens if damage does occur while I have the rental vehicle?

If your car gets damaged during your rental, first and foremost, you should ensure your own personal safety. If you require emergency assistance, reach out directly to the relevant Emergency Service.

If damage has occurred during your hire, assuming it is reasonably safe to do so, please do not drive the vehicle and contact the location directly for assistance. The location will arrange for collection of the vehicle if required and instruct you on the next steps.

Please ensure you collect all information on where and how the incident has occurred and we recommend you take photos to document the incident. Please see our Excess Reduction Cover FAQ for further information.

When you return to the rental location you will be required to complete the incident report form detailing the incident. You may be charged for the damage depending on the Coverage Option that you have purchased. The Customer Service representative will be able to guide you on the process and next steps.

What is the process for uploading my own photos?

You are not required to upload your own photos. You only need to do this if you feel the images we have provided do not represent the current condition of the vehicle. You can take as many images as you like to ensure you are comfortable that the vehicle condition has been captured.

Any photos should be taken before leaving the vehicle collection area. If this opportunity is not available or the vehicle is collected in poor lighting or bad weather, then the pictures need to be taken within an hour of pick-up.

If the photo is taken on your own device (not via the PhotoProofed link), the photo can be loaded at any time up until return of the vehicle. It must be time and date stamped within the above time frames. If you’re unable to upload, please retain any images on your own device. You can present these if needed.

Please review our acceptable Fair Wear and Tear policy to assist with what is defined as damage.

  • Stone Chips less than 25mm without denting
  • Scratches less than 25mm that have not penetrated the paint
  • Dents less than 25mm diameter and 2mm deep without paint cracking or flaking
  • Wheel scuffs without cracking or gouging
  • Minor Scuffs that can be polished out
  • Scuff/scrape marks under lower bumper

Can I access the photos at a later date if I am contacted by Apex about damage?

Yes. You can access the photos at any time from the link in the email. If you no longer have this, we can send you a copy.

Who do I contact if I want to follow up on a reported incident?

Please allow a minimum of four (4) weeks after you have submitted your incident report form to Apex, so we can ensure we have gathered all relevant information, before contacting our claims team.


If the claims team requires further information, they may contact you earlier. If you have an excess on your contract, the claims team will automatically send any supporting documents once the repairs are completed and the claim is ready to close.