Breakdown procedure

Breakdown Procedure

All of our vehicles have 24 Hour Roadside Assistance. In mainland Australia, vehicles are covered by the RACQ and in Tasmania by the RACT. In the event that you need Roadside Assistance, please call the appropriate provider below and quote the service number and your vehicle’s registration number:

    Mainland Australia
  • Call RACQ on 1800 648 058
  • Service Number 01033 19204

  • Call RACT on 13 11 11
  • Service Number 1036710

Please Note: For non-mechanical issues (driver error, tyre changing, lockouts etc), there will be a call out fee charged by Apex to your Rental Agreement unless you have purchased the optional Roadside Assistance Cover.


If you get a flat tyre and are not able to change it yourself please call the RACQ or RACT Breakdown Assistance number (see Breakdown Procedure above for call instructions). Unless you purchased Additional Roadside Assistance there is a cost for this service.

For tyre repair or replacement or if tyre damage is the result of an accident, even if no other vehicles were involved, please call Apex in the first instance. Please also be aware that most tyre damage is repaired at the hirers’ expense


The emergency services (Police, Ambulance, Fire Service) number in Australia is 000.