After Hours Pick Up - Brisbane Airport
(International Terminal)

  1. After exiting customs and collecting any checked in baggage, call for the Andrews Airpark shuttle van on +617 3268 4222.
  2. Proceed down to Level 1 (Ground Floor) of International Terminal and exit Left for Open-air carpark.
  3. Follow Footpath under Airtrain, and see signage to Mini bus & Limo pickup point.
  4. Wait in Waiting area for Mini Bus / Limousines until Apex Shuttle arrives.
  5. The van will take you to the car park where your rental car will be.
  6. You will need to show some form of identification to the van driver.

On Collection

  1. Prior to arrival you will be emailed pictures of the current condition of the rental vehicle and our fair wear & tear guidelines.
  2. We recommend that you walk around your vehicle at the time of pick up and feel free to add any additional photos to the link provided in the email.